• what I am about:

    I teach, dance & photograph.

    I like to create conversations that connect people to each other

    & initiate communities & groups that facilitate

    growth culture & authentic interconnectedness.

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    Creative English Lessons

    creative lessons for inspired learning

    With a communicative approach to teaching, I believe in learning a language through relationship - the need to communicate with others is what drives learning, just like when we learnt our mother tongue.


    Learning a language can be a vulnerable process and I support the student through this. Many adults are too hard on themselves and afraid to speak. We activate passive knowledge by using it; we learn by speaking.


    Coaching my students on the process of communication in different contexts like business, academic or social, and on their relationship to the language is a part of my lesson.


    Cultural aspects of the English language and the importance of learner's attitude and confidence in their communication in English are also essential to expressing ourselves.

  • Past Projects:

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    I first started with photography in Australia about ten years ago because I wanted to create images of people that inspire them about themselves - that capture something of their character & uniqueness in a way that makes them squeal with delight!


    versatile :: innovative :: multifunctional

    Kinga is a fresh & innovative multi-wear collection. It is very avant-garde & based on the theme of creativity & multifunction for sustainability & moving away from disposable fashions while also promoting community & individual expression.


    Create yourself!

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