• I am a gatherer of wisdom, insights and people, a creative entrepreneur, cultural instigator and sometimes dancer.

    I create conversations that connect people to their innate wisdom & wellbeing,

    initiate communities & groups that facilitate collaboration,

    growth culture & authentic interconnectedness.

  • These are my current projects:

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    Integral Transformative Conversations

    wake up :: clean up :: show up :: grow up

    An integral, inside-out approach to living from the deep & creating the life that calls you.


    I partner with you to hack your programming, clean up your past so that it informs but does not determine your future, wake you up to who you are beyond your thinking so that you can show up inspired & go create a life guided by your innate wisdom & internal guidance system.

    Transformative Retreats

    7 days to recreate yourself

    Do you feel like life is passing you by and you still have not started really living? It is never too late to start creating the life you want! ​

    Recreation is a 7 day unique personal transformation retreat, that helps you jump-start the next phase of your life.


    Team up with a life coach, a physiotherapist & a yoga instructor to create the next version of yourself.

  • Past Projects:

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    view my portfolio & exhibition work

    I first started with photography in Australia about ten years ago because I wanted to create images of people that inspire them about themselves - that capture something of their character & uniqueness in a way that makes them squeal with delight!


    versatile :: innovative :: multifunctional

    Kinga is a fresh & innovative multi-wear collection. It is very avant-garde & based on the theme of creativity & multifunction for sustainability & moving away from disposable fashions while also promoting community & individual expression.


    Create yourself!

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